Does My Business Need Social Media Marketing?

June 2nd, 2021

Small business marketing is tricky. Most entrepreneurs and small business owners are experts in the products or services they offer. Or they are intensely focused on running their business to provide those products or services. Because of this, effective marketing sometimes takes a backseat making sales growth difficult.

However, marketing cannot be ignored. And, in the 21st century, we are talking more and more about social media marketing

Social media has quickly evolved into a powerful conduit for marketing. Simply defined, marketing is the business function of aligning a product or service with the people who need it most. Communicating marketing messages about your offering should be done where those people are most likely to be.

According to, there were approximately 2.85 billion (with a B!) active users on Facebook in Q1 of 2021. Facebook considers active users to be people that have logged into the platform within 30 days. Further, relays that 3.45 billion users were on Facebook’s core products including Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger.

That only includes Facebook. Social media is steadily growing in the number of platforms available with growing diversity in the capabilities of those platforms beyond Facebook and its sister platforms. Across all social media platforms (TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc), Americans spent an average of 2.08 hours per day on social media in 2020 per GWI’s recent report on social media trends.

Your customers are on social media…a lot.

Therefore, social media is the key to unlocking sales growth. If the goal of marketing is to align your offerings with your customers, social media must be a primary line of effort in your marketing strategy.



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